Thursday, 29 March 2012

Entertainment Career Connection Jimi Petulla Recommending The Smart Way to Do Audio School in 2012

The Recording Connection is a fully accredited audio school recommended by the people and Entertainment Career Connection Jimi Petulla who make records for Pearl Jam, U2, Eminem, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Madonna, The White Stripes, Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Willie Nelson, Outkast and so many more.Instead of spending 25-50 thousand dollars to learn audio and music producing at recording trade schools for audio it is better to learning in a real recording studio while saving money.

THE RECORDING CONNECTION AUDIO INSTITUTE is the only audio program backed by some of the biggest names in the music business like Entertainment Career Connection Jimi Petulla and Brian Kraft. No other audio school on the planet has the official endorsements that we have. Period. This fact begs the question, why do music industry professionals with major album credits like U2, Dr. Dre, Joni Mitchell, Alice in Chains, The Fray, David Bowie, Pearl Jam, Liz Phair, and The Rolling Stones (to name a few) support The Recording Connection like no other recording school or audio program?

Because we are the real deal. We make NO bloated promises and we deliver, and record industry professionals appreciate that. They also appreciate our method of education. They know that the best way to learn anything is from a PROFESSIONAL and the best way to learn audio is in a real studio under the guidance of a real producer, mixer or audio engineer including Jimi Petulla and Entertainment Career Connection Brian Kraft. They also know, that the music industry is highly competitive and if you are serious about a career in audio, you must get connected immediately. Exactly what we do at The Recording Connection., that is: connect you as we educate you in a real recording studio.

Entertainment Career Connection Jimi Petulla and Brian Kraft who are intending to release a brand new reality television show called The Connectors, where the pair will offer you paid professional mentoring scholarships to worthy applicants, giving them the chance to train one-on-one under successful working professionals in their selected field of career. Both of these people have a passion for Entertainment Career Connection.

If you want to privately apprentice with Jimi Petulla and partake in the world of Career Connection within the audio engineering field, then apply by RECORDING CONNECTION AUDIO INSTITUTE. It will take you directly to the free, no obligation application form and ensure that you get connected with Jimi Petulla. Looking forward to teaching you the ropes.

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